Teeko Advanced – extension of John Scarne’s greatest work

I have already wrote about perfect game of Teeko. It’s rules are simple, but it requires  complex strategies. And if you played Teeko and it seems too easy for you, you can always try more advanced variant of this game called… well… Teeko Advanced. It can be played with a regular Teeko set, but modified rules create new opportunities and traps.

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How to win at Othello? Part 1 – Strategy basics, stable discs and mobility

My article on Reversi and Othello was quite popular. I know some people found it because they were looking for information on Othello strategy and tactics. These people already know how to play, but they don’t know know how to win.

Othello is one of my favorite board games. I spent some time playing, learning strategies and tactics and analyzing my own mistakes. I want to share this knowledge in series of articles. Here’s the first one.

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Camelot – you can charge in this game

Recently I wrote that chess and checkers are two very different games without common roots. Despite this, there were people who tried to merge this games and results were fascinating. One of those people was George Swinnerton Parker (1866-1952), who created a fantastic game of Camelot. This game is not popular today. What a pity! For me it’s an underestimated jewel of board games.

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Malefiz for 6 players – barricade with funny turmoil

If you are looking for a relaxing but not to easy game to play with friends, malefiz is a great choice. Unfortunately, the basic variant of the game is for 4 players only. What to do if you gather a larger group – 5 or 6 people? No problem. There is a variant on a larger board!
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Teeko – a game and a masterpiece of John Scarne, the wizard of games

Teeko is just a wonderful game, although today is almost forgotten. Too bad. Not only the game is interesting, but also its creator – John Scarne. He was a prominent expert on gaming, gambling and card manipulation. He knew both the techniques of cheeting on mathematical issues related to games. He was earning money as a magician, but because of his extensive knowledge we can call him “the wizard of games”.

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Orthogonal draughts on 8×8 board – turkish draughts, croda and dameo

I have already described basic draughts variants and by the way I explained that draughts (checkers) is not one game. Draughts is a huge family of games, and all games in this group have some common rules.
In most draughts games pieces move diagonally, but there are also variations where pieces move in straight lines (orthogonally). Today I would like to show you three variants of orthogonal draughts – turkish draughts, croda and dameo.

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Warcaby ortogonalne 8×8 – tureckie, Croda i Dameo

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Opisywałem już podstawowe odmiany warcabów i przy okazji tłumaczyłem, że warcaby to nie jest jedna gra. Warcaby to grupa gier, a wszystkie gry z tej grupy mają pewne wspólne zasady.
W większości odmian pionki poruszają się na ukos (diagonalnie), ale istnieją też odmiany gdzie pionki poruszają się po liniach prostych (ortogonalnie). Dziś chciałbym wam przedstawić trzy odmiany takich właśnie warcabów, czyli tzw. warcabów ortogonalnych. Opiszę warcaby tureckie, croda oraz dameo. Warcaby tureckie to gra tradycyjna, natomiast dameo i croda to bardzo udane gry współczesne.

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